CSGO's Operation Shattered Web Stickers are hiding new secrets

4 years ago
It turns out that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Operation Shattered Web stickers have some pretty cool secret artwork hidden in them.

It turns out that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Operation Shattered Web stickers have some pretty cool secret artwork hidden in them.

CSGO's ninth operation added six unique stickers and three rare versions to the game's new battle pass model. The stickers were created by community artist Daniel "Danidem" Lucano, whose work can also be seen in the Skill Group and 20th Anniversary capsules. The stickers look great in their own right, but it turns out that Danidem hid something extra in them.

Scraping stickers isn't new, with people doing so in the past to isolate pro players' autographs from the various major capsules. In rare cases, other stickers have also had hidden patterns or words that players could reveal by scraping.

For example, the "Welcome to the Clutch" sticker can be scraped to change the sticker to read "Welcome to Hell" and reveal three hidden skulls beneath the rainbow pattern. This isn't the first time Danidem has included hidden designs in his stickers, either. Players can scrape another sticker of his, "Queen of Pain," to reveal the message "You Suffer, Fool."

Shattered Web stickers hidden design guide

Each Shattered Web sticker changes when scraped, often in surprising ways. While most designs will reveal themselves easily, players still have to make sure they don't scrape too far, or they'll ruin the design they're trying to reveal.

This is much easier if the sticker is on a flat surface. For our comparisons, WIN.gg used the grip of a P250, but the stock on the M4A4 and other rifles work equally well. For the best results, players should stick to those surfaces.

Luckily, Shattered Web's popularity has flooded the Steam Market with the stickers. Players can buy most of the standard stickers for under 20 cents, while both holos and the foil are a little over a dollar.

Here are all of the hidden designs in the Shattered Web sticker collection, as well as a general guide on how many times to scrape each one. Players should use the provided numbers as a guide, as the randomness involved and the position of the sticker will affect how it is scraped.

Each picture is the best possible version of the hidden designs, so players should use the pictures to compare.


If players put Counter-Tech on a flat surface, they can scrape the sticker all the way until the final warning. In what is one of the cleanest hidden designs in the collection, scraping the sticker reveals the roman numeral nine, representing CSGO's ninth operation and Shattered Web's signature spider.

Shattered Web

The Shattered Web sticker's secret design is downright cool. Scraping the sticker turns the words "Shattered Web" into "Operation IX" and removes the purple background. The coolest change on the sticker comes when it's fully scraped. The "o" in operation turns into the classic CSGO CT silhouette just before the final click.


Scraping the Terrorist-tech sticker reveals one of the coolest hidden designs in the operation, as the crossed knives and star morph into the Operation spider and "7355608." CS veterans will know these numbers by heart as they're the code that the attacking players punch into the bomb to arm it.


The "Mastermind" sticker is cool all on its own, but the more its scraped, the more interesting it gets. The green shading around the SAS spider fades away with every scrape until a smooth outline remains. Going any further than this is risky, but with one or two more clicks the "eyes" on the mask crack.

Web Stuck

In a twist on the classic video, players can scrape the Web Stuck sticker to remove the web and leave only the "phantom" CT. After only the character remains, players have one or two more clicks left to thin out the purple outline. "Out my way, son."

Gold Web

In what might be one of the most satisfying scrapes, Gold Web reveals the cracks in the colorized Operation Shattered Web logo. It's simple, easy, and looks great.

Web Stuck (Holo)

The Holo version of Web Stuck scrapes in the opposite way to its regular counterpart. After the first few scrapes, the CT starts to disappear and leave just the webbed background. On the right skin, its simple design and sharp lines look amazing.

Mastermind (Holo)

Mastermind's holographic version leaves just the spider after scraped. We had a little more trouble getting the eyepieces to crack on the holo. It's not impossible, but it's difficult. The sticker retains its holo design while looking great from all angles.

Gold Web (Foil)

Scraping the only foil sticker in the Operation Shattered Web collection leaves just the operation's spider. It brightens up even the simplest of skins and is well worth its foil designation.

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