Seller Rules & Terms

2018-10-26 15:37:20

In order to maintain a stable trading market and friendly trading experience, we have some rules for sellers. Please read them carefully and strictly abide by them.

About Sale

1. For 'Manual Delivery' items, they can not be transferred to others or listed in another website. And the attached properties of the item should not be removed including gems, stickers etc.

2. Before you put an item up for sale, please refresh your Steam inventory (if the item has been transferred, it still regarded as a new item by ZBT.)

3. After you pass the Seller Certification, please make sure your Steam account 'tradeable' (can receive offers, no VAC ban)

4.When you put an item up for sale, please set a proper price, do not overprice an item (For example, set 1000$ for an item only worth 10$). After being warned several times ,we will terminate the right of selling items for the seller. (Except for those special items like exclusive item or others considered as unique items)

About Delivery

1. The delivery must be done in less than 12 hours once the item being purchased.

2. If the seller fails to deliver in 12 hours for personal reasons, it will be regarded as a dishonest conduct. This behavior will be recorded by our credit system, because it has ruined buyer’s trading experience. If the seller has done this several times, he/she will not be allowed to sell items in 3 to 15 days. If the seller is been warned so many times, our credit system will freeze his right to sell items permanently.


We have built an integrated Risk Control System. Any accounts that sell items acquired from any illegal ways , or cheating, or unauthorized market, will be frozen permanently as well as all their associated accounts.

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