FAQ for Sellers

2018-10-26 15:32:56

① I can't pass the vertification.

1. Please refer to result of your account test, and change those settings in your profile.

2. Submit your Real Identification. (Please submit real document, because it will affect the withdrawal from ZBT.)

② There is no items in my inventory.

1. Make sure you selected the right game
2. Make sure your Steam profile and Inventory open to public
3. Make sure you do have items in your Steam inventory
4. If you still can't find items in your inventory, please ask our customer service for help.

③ When the items put on sale via mannual delivery, I cannot see them in steam inventory.

1. The items to be manual Delivered will be transferred to “Selling items”, you can check there.
2. If there is any change with your selling items, it will be detected and removed by our system.
3. If your item has been purchased but you didn’t deliver it in 12 hours, it will be removed by system.
4. If you still have trouble, please contact customer service for assistance.

④ Where is my item?

1. If your consigned item is stored in a ZBT backpack for more than 24 hours, unsold or retrieved by you, the item may be accidentally lost. We will no longer deal with the item that has been stored for more than 24 hours, thank you for your understanding.

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