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Dear users,

At the beginning of the New Year, you guys already accompany the ZBT community for a year. In order to thank the old and new users for their support to the community, we decided to launch a refunding event!

Event rules:

Event Time: 2020/1/21 -- 2020/2/21 (UTC/GMT+08:00)

Send an email to 【support@zbt.com】 to participate in the event and we will prepare your own invitation link, you can start these days!

Email format: for example

Email title: 【ZBT inviting URL】

ZBT nickname: XXX

ZBT ID: 001122

I want my special invitation link!

Every time a new user clicks your invitation link and registers before the end of the activity, and the first deposit meets one of the following condition, you will be rewarded!

The first deposit of the new user reach 50T Coins, you will receive one of Inscribed The Barren Vector, Wyrmwrought Flare, Edge of the Lost Order, Unbroken Fealty, Stuntwood Sanctuary at random

The first deposit of the new user reach 150T Coins, you will receive one of Genuine Winterblight, Bracers of the Cavern Luminar, Autographed Mournful Reverie, Crux of Perplex, Golden Piscean Pulverizer at random

The first deposit of the new user reach 250T Coins, you will receive 2.5T Coins directly!

Note: rewards will be awarded only if the first deposit reaches the above amount. Meanwhile, the above rewards cannot be accumulated. If the recharge reaches 250T, only 2.5t rewards can be obtained.

This event is just a warm-up for more feedback activities in the future. In the future, we will have more feedback activities for you! If you have any comments and suggestions, also welcome to post to share with us!

ZBT has the right to interpret this activity.

ZBT Operation Team

Disclaimer: This article does not represent ZBT's position and does not constitute investment advice. Please be cautious.
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