【Forum moderators wanted!】Join our team,construct ZBT community togeth

7 months ago
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Dear users:

The development of the ZBT community requires everyone's support, and it cannot be separated from the forum moderator's daily management.

The forum moderator is our friend

The soul of the forum, the guardian of the forum

Without a forum moderator, there is no good forum

A moderator is a responsibility, and it is a kind of persistence.

ZBT Forum welcomes all capable, and talented ZBT users to actively join the ZBT Forum Moderator team.

Moderator benefits:

1. Priority for official benefits and rewards;

2. Moderator Special Logo;

3. More benefits after becoming a formal moderator;

Basic requirements for forum moderators:

1. Good English writing ability, love ZBT, have regular online time periods, and are active in forums;

2. No meaningless postings, abuses, personal attacks, etc. that violate community regulations;

3. Posted 1-2 tutorial posts on the forum to help users using ZBT or 2 game-related posts;

4. Need to be online for more than 3-4 hours a day to process user messages;

5. Love the ZBT community and have a certain amount of game time, be good at sharing game experiences with players, like to share their gaming experience or be familiar with the ZBT community, have a high awareness of the ZBT community, and are willing to help users become familiar with the ZBT community;

6. In addition, with high transaction volume, users who frequently trade in ZBT are preferred;

Moderator Basic Duties:

1. Provide suggestions for community development and actively participate in the construction of the sector;

2. Articles are judged according to the relevant rules of the community, and they are promoted and deleted;

3. Abide by the rules and regulations of the community, consciously maintain the image of the community, report violations in time and deal with them in a timely manner;

4. Produce at least 1 post essence post every week in the board;

5. Good at finding talented users;

6. Develop other ZBT users to post in the community, improve the activity of the ZBT community, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the community.

Notes for Moderators:

1. Moderator is not only an honor, but also a kind of persistence and responsibility;

2. Moderators should take the lead in complying with community rules and implement them fairly;

3. The content of the assessment is the online time during the assessment period, the number of posts posted, and the number of replies;

4. The assessment period is from December 27 to February 5, 2019, and the moderators will be announced after February 5;

Dismissal principle

1. Violate forum rules more than 3 times;

2. Member complaints more than 3 times;

3. Clearly unfair conduct and abuse of authority;

4. The behavior of not logging in to the management forum for 7 consecutive days and not being declared to the administrator;

Note: Applicants please send online time, ZBT Nickname, ZBT ID , your game time, and other information to the email:

sep24@zbt.com(please mark the apply for ZBT forum moderator when sending)

ZBT Operation Team

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