2019-3-1 16:43:39

1. How to bind APEX account?


Click the button Bind APEX Account, then type your Name in APEX, we will detect your name automatically, when its verified by our system. Then your data will be shown in the page.


2. How to set my APEX match detail open to public?


1) Open APEX, look up at main page, click Legends  ,select hero you want to show.                            

2) Then find Banners in the top menu.

3) Find Tracker1/2/3 in the left bottom

4) Select the data you want to show in this tracker (We can only read kills, headshots, damage done) put them to the tracker.


3. Is data refreshing with real-time?

Yes, if you find your match is not shown in the page. Please click the button  Sync Match to refresh the page.


4. If you find your APEX name is bound already or you bind a wrong APEX by mistake. Please contact us in our steam group, try to @group owner for helps.


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