2019-1-29 18:22:03

Q1: I haven't played PUBG before/already playing PUBG before,  I want to get points on ZBT(, what do I suppose to do ? How can I get points by playing PUBG?

A: If you haven't play PUBG before/already playing PUBG, we suggest you play at least one game on your computer then complete steps below :

1). Register ZBT account, and bind to you Steam.

2). Install Steam and PUBG.

3). Login ZBT (, open the ZBT community - PUBG

Q2: Why did the Personal information show "Bind Failed"?

1). Please play one more game then submit the application.

2). Maybe the stats are not stable this time, please try again later.

Q3: Why did my friends play PUBG on my computer get no points when the binding account was correct?

A: Because we didn't catch your friend's game's stats. Please complete steps below :

1).First, please let your friend play at least one game on your computer.

2). After he finished the game, launch PUBG  to download your friend's game stats, then your friend will get the point correctly.

Q4: My achievement mission has no data, what's happening?

1). Please make your Steam profile to change your privacy setting to "public".

Q5: Why did my PUBG game stats haven't showed up?

1). Data might have a delay to appear, please wait for a second, or you can click the "Synchronization data" to try again.

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