Trade Failures

2018-10-23 16:43:20

The ZBT platform is on the basis of the Steam mechanism. If your trde offer was failed when sending, please refer to the possible reasons below, if it doesn’t help, contact our customer service.

1. The Steam token is unactivated
Steam requires that the Steam token should be verified by email or mobile phone and used for at least 15 days. You are unable to use the Steam market if Steam tokens have been unactivated for less than 15 days.

2. Your Steam password or mailbox has been changed recently

If you have reset your password or changed a new mailbox, you will be blocked for trading within 7 days. If your account has no activity for more than 2 months, the account will be blocked for trading within 30 days.

3. Your steam account profile or inventory shows “privacy”

The robot can’t send you a trade offer because your account's steam profile or inventory shows privacy, you should set it into public.

4. Your trading URL is wrong

The robot can’t send you a trade offer due to a mistake of your trading URL. The correct format of the trading RUL is: id)&token=XXX (random value)

5. The steam account is banned

Due to the violation of the steam market rules, your account may receive a temporary or permanent transaction block. 

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