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2018-10-23 16:39:28

Contribution Value

Contribution Value, short for CV. By completing tasks, you can get CV from our platform, and CV can be exchanged into ZBT the next day.


You can use ZBT to buy items on www.zbt.com, we'll audit your CV at 24:00 pm everyday and exchanged your CV into ZBT according to the exchange rules, and you can claim your ZBT in your Mission Center. Your ZBT will be expired 7 days later after we send ZBT to your account.

Here is the exchange rules: Your ZBT = (X/Y)*A . In this formula, X means your daily earned CV, Y means our platform whole user's CV, and A means ZBT we plans to release on that day, you can check the release details on our Release Info part.

Dear users: We have adjusted the ZBT's CV earning methods & daily limit, Here are the details. (Effective at 00:00 on June 13

-  Daily Sign in

You'll get 100 CV in total for a 7 consecutive sign in.

Daily Community Quests:

Daily Gaming Quests:

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iOS is comming soom

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