FAQ for Top Up & Withdraw

2019-5-21 14:32:13

Dear users,we upgrade the ways of  top up and withdraw,now you can top up or withdraw with PHP,CNY or USD.


1.Click the "Profile" deposit button or "wallet" to enter the wallet page.

2.Choose the payment method that suits you and recharge according to the prompts. (note: The minimum amount for a single top-up is $5)

3.Please fill in your real name when choosing currency (USD or PHP) for recharge.

4.Confirm the amount for payment. (note: please pay attention to the payment instructions, the amount to be paid shall be subject to the page of payment)


1.Click the "Profile" deposit button or "wallet" to enter the wallet page, choose withdraw.

2.Please fill in payee's account number and the name when choosing currency (USD or PHP) for withdraw.

3.Click [confirm], then enter the 6-digit payment password, and wait for the withdrawal to arrive.



1.Q:Why do i need to provide the real name of PAYPAL/GCash/Coins.ph when I deposit and withdraw?
   A:Because the recharge behavior of this site is essentially a point-to-point transaction behavior. For this purpose, you need to fill in the real name of the account binding to help the system identify which transfer is from you so that the payment can be confirmed quickly.


2.Q:What should I do if I filled in the wrong transfer amount when I recharged the money?
   A:For the amount not transferred, please fill in the correct amount to deposit. For the amount already transferred, please submit an application for refund, which will be refunded to your original account within 48 hours after deducting the corresponding handling fee.


3.Q:Why I have paid the top-up amount and the T coins in the account hasnt changed?
    A:Because the USD($) and PHP() top-up behavior of users is a point-to-point transaction behavior. The payment will not be credited to your account until it is confirmed.


4.Q:Why is my recharge amount on the payment page different from the expected payment amount?
    A:Because of exchange rate fluctuations, the expected payment amount and the recharge amount we provided will be different, please refer to the amount to be paid on the payment page.


5.Q:I submitted the withdrawal request successfully. When will the money be transferred to my account?

    A:The withdrawal will be received within 24 hours and will be reminded in the account if the withdrawal is successful.

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