Next CS:GO expansion could a new co-op mode?

4 days ago
Some info may have been leaked.

As one of the top competitive multiplayer games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s next DLC expansion may include co-operative missions. Sounds crazy, right?

But according to various datamines and leaked data cultivated by YouTube user Tyler McVicker on the Valve News Network. McVicker’s latest video reveals two new maps coming to the game – Import and Grind – and some additions to the code, since the recent UI update in April, that strongly suggest that a co-operative mode called Co-op Strike is coming to CS:GO.

The strongest evidence is for the two new maps coming in Counter-Strike’s “operation 9”, whatever it may be called. These two maps are supposedly called Import and Grind, and are described in a leaked resume for a contract artist on CS:GO – whose name is being withheld to protect their identity. This artist worked on other DLC maps, including Blackgold, Junction, and Studio – all of which have shipped – but mentions two that haven’t, and are still due to come.

‘Import’ is described as being a “Defusal map set in a derelict shipyard in Japan”. ‘Grind’ is also a bomb defusal map, set in “a large uranium mine complex in the middle of the Namibia, Africa”. Both of these maps are said to be part of an “untitled upcoming DLC”. As the VNN video points out, SteamDB shows that multiple unrevealed DLC packs are being worked on – and even shows pictures of the upcoming maps.

There's not a lot of evidence for the co-op mode now, but the following words are said to be found in the game's data files:“coop”, “cooperative” and “coopmission”. These are mentioned as unreleased icons in the game’s new panoramic UI and as a currently unused game mode.

Of course, the data in game's files, does not mean that the corresponding content is bound to come later, perhaps just some kind of experiment within Valve. But it also shows that the development team is actively exploring new ways to play the game, which is good news for game fans anyway. Stay tuned!


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