Valve just announced the preliminary 2019-20 DPC schedule and changes

4 days ago
Here are some first details for the coming season

Nearly a month after TI9 ended, Valve has officially announced the schedule for the upcoming Dota2 new season, the 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit.

Just as last season,the upcoming DPC will be starting with a Minor event, but the season will begin a week later than last year. The prize money for each event has remained the same from last year: $300,000 for Minors and $1 million for Majors. But Minors are now worth a total of 660 DPC points, an increase from last year’s 500. This gives some of the smaller teams a chance to still secure a good number of points outside of the Majors.

However, there are some changes for the prize distribution. At Majors, the first place team now takes home $300,000 versus $350,000 last year. The big change came in the Minors, where the winning team will now only get $72,000 compared to last year’s $125,000.

Teams who play in the closed regional qualifiers for the events will also receive DPC points. Each region will always receive a minimum of two spots for its representatives at each Major and one at each Minor.

A team that qualifies for a Major through winning a Minor will receive points based on which finish has the highest total. This means that if the team places higher than 12th at a Major, they will be awarded the 150 points instead of the 140 points from the Minor, not both. For more info, You can check the link here.

At last, the qualifiers are set to begin on Sept. 30. More details about the organizers and the venue of the event are expected to be announced in the future, and we will continue to keep eyes on them.


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