TNC Predator and has been eliminated from The International 2019

26 days ago
Comments and TNC Predator left Ti9 in 9th-12th place

As the main event of The International 2019 kept going in its second day, and we must say farewell to CIS titans and Southeast Asia legends TNC Predator, who both failed to defeat their opponents with same 0:2 results.

The VP, who had been outstanding in previous Dota2 events, lost to RNG in the second round of Ti9, which many people cannot imagine. Because of RNG's lackluster performance in previous Dota2 tournaments, their Ti9 is not widely expected.

In game one, VP has gradually established a strong advantage after losing several crucial rounds of team fights. In the second game, VP did not gain an advantage in the slower game and was finally taken by RNG.

In game one, after losing several crucial rounds of team fights,VP allowed their opponent to establish a strong advantage. In the game two, VP did not gain an advantage in the bit of slower match and was finally defeated by RNG.

The VP team was eliminated so early in Ti9, obviously there were some problems with the players' status and tactical arrangement. We hope VP can adjust well after that and bring a new face to us next season.

About TNC, we know that they had already handled Liquid in the group stages, bodying them 2-0, But the opposite is true. Liquid team after adjustment, has clearly know the TNC's tactical.

In the game one, though TNC had an early advantage, it was unable to hold on. Liquid, on the other hand, relies on a slowly developing and stable defense that eventually seizes the opportunity to reverse and win.

In the game two, Liquid apparently overwhelmed TNC in terms of pick.

In several rounds of team fights, TNC seemed powerless and finally lost the game. and TNC Predator left Ti9 in 9th-12th place, but will win at least US$674,000 each in prize money. Royal Never Give Up and Team Liquid advance in the lower bracket to meet each other on August 23 local time for their next elimination series. You can check the bracket overview and main game in day 3 below:


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