Valve has unveiled the plan for Dota Underlords updates

27 days ago
“The update about updates”

Today, Valve release its plans for the future updates of Dota Underlords. In a post, Valve said the game will be getting many major new changes: a duos mode that allows two players to team up and battle three other teams, big UI tweaks, new heroes and alliances, and, Underlords.

But, Valve also noted that the order and content of upcoming updates is subject to change. Anyway, hopefully, these things will put the game on track to becoming a complete experience. As Valve said the ultimate goal is for new features to culminate in Dota Underlords season one, with a fully functional battle pass and other fancy fixings.

You can check that Valve's post below:

A few weeks ago we talked about the upcoming updates being a bit leaner (balance and bugs) while we worked on bigger updates. After chewing on things for a bit, we're ready to chat about what's coming in the next few weeks.

One quick note before we dive in: When making games alongside a live audience, there's a lot of pivoting that occurs based on feedback. Any update we ship may not have been 100% planned ahead of time. Sometimes they are mostly composed of ideas generated by the community that we thought would be worthwhile to fast track and ship sooner. So with this blog post we'll let you take a peek at our upcoming scheduled updates, but keep in mind their order or even the content might change.

Our main focus currently is on Season 1 and its features. Some features (like the ones below) will be shipping early in Season 0, while others will only make sense with the whole package at the beginning of Season 1.

Duos Game Mode

In the next week or two we'll be introducing a new game mode we've been calling Duos (well we've actually been calling it Battle Buddies, but Duos seems a bit more professional). Duos is a new way to play Underlords cooperatively with a friend - just party up and battle against 3 other teams. Supports Casual and Ranked version.


We're also going to introduce Underlords to the game in a few weeks. The team is really excited about this feature - these Underlords are a core part of the game and we think they will add a layer of fun and strategy to every match.

UI and other Improvements

Massive changes are also coming to our UI, especially on the PC, based on feedback and also to accommodate our new features.

Heroes and Alliances

Lastly, we'll soon be introducing new heroes and alliances, expanding the roster and creating new and interesting ways to play Underlords. In addition to this we'll continue looking for feedback and tweaking game balance throughout all of these updates.


This is normally where we'd say 'that's about it' - but knowing us and our community, we can pretty honestly say that things will change. Season 1 is the update where our Beta turns into a fully released game, so expect features like the new and improved Battle Pass and others like City Crawl to make their first appearance there.

Stay tuned.


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