Here is the International 2019 main event schedule

27 days ago
These most exciting TI9 events are coming.

Recently, Valve has officially released the full schedule of events for The International 2019. You can see a detailed listing of the major events happening on each day for the TI9.

Starting on Aug. 19, the opening ceremonies for the TI9 playoffs begin. At 8pm CT, the teams competing in the playoffs will be introduced followed by some words from Gabe “Gaben” Newell.

Day two will continue the playoff action, but it will also have the finals for the TI9 Short Film Contest. The finalists for the contest will be shown, and the winner of this year’s award will be named live on a side stage.

Day three will be a interesting for Dota players. Because the winner of the Arcana Vote will be revealed during the competition on Aug. 21. This will finally close the months of voting to decide which hero will receive the TI9 Arcana item set.

Day four will have two teams of the best players in the world competing in an All Random Death Match that will reward viewers at home who select their favorite players with Battle Pass points, depending on that player’s performance.

The cosplay contest will hold its final judging and award this year’s winner on the main stage between matches.

The final day of The International 2019 hosting a battle of the two best teams in the world, with one walking away as the 2019 Dota 2 World Champions and hoisting the Aegis of Champions.


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