Jordan planning to ban six more video games after PUBG was banned

10 days ago
"Fortnite game is one of the games expected to be banned."

The director of the Beneficiaries Affairs at Jordan's Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) told Royanews that plans are under way to ban six more games, with Fortnite being highlighted, following the domestic ban of PUBG earlier this month.

"Fortnite game is one of the games expected to be banned." the director said in an interview. He did not mention the other five games and clarified this plan was being discussed, adding that no other games have been banned.

As to why it is taking further measures, the director said the department has been receiving complaints from residents about the damage caused by the games' widespread popularity.

When the PUGB was previously banned in Jordan, TRC's explanation came after a number of complaints from residents. They review the WHO's research, which showed that PUBG is violent game, can lead to game addiction and social barriers, at the same time playing the games will be more likely than their peers to have children's thinking and behavior.

In the past, we've seen governments in India, Nepal and Iraq ban the game. It can be said that the authenticity of games on the one hand increases the sense of immersive, but on the other hand, especially for children, it will lead to some improper consequences, especially in the case of no grading system.

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