Shroud and Forsen will join the Ring of Elysium Amazon Cup

10 days ago
Ring of Elysium has announced that they will hold the Ring of Elysium Amazon Cup.

Recently, the official of Ring of Elysium has announced that they will hold the Ring of Elysium Amazon Cup competition with Amazon. Shroud and Forsen will be invited to participate in this event.

Online qualifiers in Europe and North America are now open. The winning teams will enter the Regional Championships. In August, qualifier will compete at the Regional Championships for a total of $60,000 prize pool.

Regionals will begin on Aug. 10 for EU and Aug. 11 for NA after the regional qualifiers end in their respective areas. Each region will compete separately in matches that will pit the best players from the qualifiers against each other in team battles.

The winning team in each region will take home $15,000, with second place winning $10,000, and third taking $5,000. Any team in the Regional Championships that place below that will be awarded $200 worth of ingame currency for competing.

This entire event will take place in the recently added Ashen Eye game mode that removes the usual shrinking play area and replaces it with a moving battle zone that will require players to constantly move or risk being taken out by the elements.

For players wanting to compete, they can sign up as individual players through the official website or using the Amazon GameOn Tournament Organizer.

Qualifiers will run until Aug. 10 and 11 in the EU and NA respectively, with the Regional Championship rounds picking up from there.

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